Production Reports within TheTakes

Production Reports within TheTakes

TheTakes can be used to create all of the essential production reports needed to ensure your project runs smoothly.

From creating a working shooting schedule, completing breakdowns, DOD’s, the daily call sheet, cast list and crew list, TheTakes does it all.

After uploading your screen play, add your casting information in the Resources section of site. Use this section of TheTakes to easily to enter all of your cast and potential cast. Every piece of information in TheTakes can be turned into a report. In the Resources section the user can also add Sets and Locations, Costumes and Props. TheTakes can be your one stop production notebook. Always check the upper right hand side of the page for the option to create a report. The cloud based program offers various formats to save your reports. You can print directly from the site, or if you prefer PDF or Excel, those are options are always available.

The Resources tab is located between Screenplays and Scheduling at the top of the site. From here, the user can print and export detailed or simplified versions of the Character List. The Character list shows all your characters in from the script and all of the scenes where they appear. The user can also create and print out detailed reports for each cast member. You can also add information that will be useful for the director, producer, hair, makeup, and costume department.

In the Film Crew portion of the TheTakes you can create a master crew list or generate contact sheets for each department. All reports can be printed out to distribute onset if needed, and you have option to create a password secure link that can be emailed for anyone of your choice to view. This can be extremely useful for your different departments or you can grant departments access to check the character list and print the report themselves if they are user on your project. Your AD department will be delighted.

Shooting Schedule

TheTakes allows you to customize your shooting schedule to a T. A unique and specified algorithm has been handcrafted by TheTakes team to calculate the best customizable schedule for your film. To create the ultimate film production board, TheTakes provides the user with many useful options when creating a film schedule. You can view and edit your schedule as a production board or in calendar format. At the top of the middle of your browser to the right of Resources you will see Scheduling.

You can add start and finish dates, blackout dates, factor in time for travel, actor availability and much much more. TheTakes even factors in overtime, and allows you to schedule your film by shots and scenes you deem most important. With TheTakes, you are able to create different variations of the shooting schedule and title each accordingly. The schedule may be saved and exported into the format you please including Movie Magic Budgeting. The Scheduling section of the site is also the home of the DOD (Day Out Of Days). The DOD report shows the amount of days your actors are on set and the amount days each set is being used and when. The DOD is especially helpful for your Make-up and Wardrobe departments.


A breakdown report is in essence an analysis of every property and concept within a scene that needs to be to properly categorized and secured. Each individual scene in your screenplay needs to be “broken down” accurately. If you plan on having an amazing crane shot, or using special effects in the opening scene of your movie, add that to your breakdown sheet!

In many film schools they are still teaching breakdowns by hand.

We are well beyond the days writing film breakdowns with a pen and paper.

Breakdowns are made simple with TheTakes. Using the script within the site in the Screenplays section, you are easily able add and select elements (wardrobe, extras, make up, props, gear etc.) from the script that are needed for the breakdown sheet.

TheTakes takes your breakdown a step further with it Autobinding feature. For example, if I know that every time my lead character appears, she is holding a teddy bear, or needs a scar in certain scenes, or my extras need to be in specific wardrobe per scene, I can automatically bind these elements to each other so they always appear on the breakdown sheet where they are needed, which make breakdowns way more convenient. Completing your breakdowns properly will indeed help the line producer budget the film correctly. The information entered on the breakdowns and the schedule will also be used to generate the daily Call Sheet. TheTakes can export the breakdown report in the traditional format as well as a modern format.

Call Sheets and Daily Production Reports

Use TheTakes to create your Call Sheet and Daily Production Report. In the Scheduling section the user can click on Shift, and customize the scenes of the day and all the fun details. Call Sheets are often tedious and time consuming, but with TheTakes it couldn’t be simpler. TheTakes even adds the weather to the call sheet and has an option to send out a text to all crew with the call times! After a long day of production the Call Sheet and Daily Production Report are the most important thing the AD team needs to do but the last thing they want to do. TheTakes aims to make the whole process easier so you and your team can get a good night’s rest and get up bright and early the next day.

Please be sure to check out all of the amazing and quick tutorial videos which take you step by step and show you how to navigate TheTakes to ensure a successful production. Also please read our article about production reports for a good summary of the various types of production reports.

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